• Tenter

    Crafted from precisely interlocked aluminum profiles, our design offers a versatile fit for various window types including plastic, aluminum, and wood. Experience effortless installation without drilling and ease of use across virtually any setting. Functionalities like opening, tilting, and closing remain uncompromised.

  • Roller blinds

    For windows, enjoy vertical operation from top to bottom. For doors, experience seamless horizontal control from left to right, or vice versa. When retracted, the system discreetly tucks away into its housing, allowing for year-round placement at the installation site.

    Roller blinds
  • Revolving door

    Ideal for balcony and patio doors, our design incorporates aluminum hinges engineered for high-load resilience, elevating both form and function.

    Revolving door
  • Sliding doors

    Optimized for multi-panel balcony and patio doors, our design features a space-saving sliding sash ideal for expansive openings, such as lift-and-slide doors. Extra-wide profiles ensure exceptional stability of the frame, masterfully blending efficiency and elegance.

    Sliding doors

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