Founded in 1992, our products proudly embody the "MADE IN GERMANY" seal. We design and manufacture industry-leading PVC and aluminum windows and doors, insect protection systems, ventilation systems, facade designs, and roller shutters, known for innovation, durability, and ease of maintenance, at our own production facilities.

Our beginnings trace back over three decades, starting as a small three-man glazing team. Initially specializing in installations and repairs, we encountered challenges with external suppliers. This drove our ambition to produce in-house and led to the founding of ISOGON Window Systems GmbH in 1992. As a valued manufacturer of plastic and aluminum components, ISOGON has established itself today as a 100% family-run business, deeply rooted in community and commitment and driven by our dedicated team.

ISOGON is more than just a name; it represents a promise. A promise to our customers and partners to continuously deliver value characterized by quality and integrity. Our mission goes beyond providing services or delivering products. It's about building genuine relationships, shaped by transparency, honesty, and a deeper understanding of individual needs. In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, we rely on teamwork, the pursuit of knowledge, and the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies to create value.

We at ISOGON strive to be recognized in the business world as the epitome of quality, honesty, and excellence. In a constantly changing business environment, we see ourselves at the forefront of innovation, always ready to adapt, learn, and continuously develop. Our vision is to shape a sustainable future through our actions and decisions, where the name ISOGON not only stands for the here and now but also represents our aspirations for a better and brighter future for all our customers, partners, and employees.

Our core values of HONESTY – CARE – PERFORMANCE are not just guiding principles; they are the soul of our brand and the heart of our vision. They inspire us to always do the right thing and to be the best we can be.


Here is a snippet from our company history with milestones in a time-lapse format.


At ISOGON, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's woven into our ethos. Our windows and doors are not only sculpted from recyclable materials but are also designed with a keen focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. We're here to empower our customers, helping them effortlessly trim their environmental footprint and economize energy expenses.

ISOGON's unwavering dedication to quality, green innovation, and groundbreaking design has positioned us as a front-runner in crafting high-performance windows and doors. Celebrated by builders, architects, and homeowners across Germany and beyond, our reputation is built on an enduring promise: unparalleled client satisfaction. It's this commitment that elevates ISOGON as a revered and trusted name in the industry.

  • Made in Germany
    Made in Germany

    For our PVC Windows and Doors we only use Materials "Made in Germany".

  • Prequalification

    Pre-qualification is the upstream examination, independent of order, of the suitability tests in accordance with
    § 8 VOB / A defined requirements.

  • Q - German Institut for Building Quality
    Q - German Institut for Building Quality

    The DIB (German Institute for building quality GmbH) is an independent and neutral institution with the main orientation on standard construction.


ISOGON believes deeply in sustainable and environmentally responsible production. Our windows and doors are crafted from recyclable materials, designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. With ISOGON, customers can effortlessly diminish their environmental footprint while also saving on energy costs.

  • ESB 100% green electricity
    ESB 100% green electricity

    Green electricity from ESB is generated from 100% hydropower. Without any CO2 emissions, without nuclear power and without fossil fuels - even our grandchildren are happy about that.

  • Rewindo

    To recycling dismantled PVC windows, doors and shutters, we are dedicated to bringing these raw materials back into the recycling loop and doing our part to protect the environment.

  • New windows
    New windows

    Old windows are energy guzzlers - modern windows save on heating costs and make an effective contribution to climate protection.

  • CO₂ neutral Website
    CO₂ neutral Website

    Websites emits carbon (CO2) because visitors and servers hosting websites consume electricity. By participating in this voluntary initiative, websites help in various climate projects.

  • Save CO₂
    Save CO₂

    This H-PVC-raw material is then extruded into new window and building profiles.


For the Love of Our Planet: Infusing Every Decision with Sustainability and Social Responsibility. From our solar-powered facilities to our fleet of zero-emissions vehicles, from eco-conscious materials to empowering the next generation, we're not just producing Windows & Doors—we're making a difference.


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